Hotels and travel

All major hotels in Kiruna have been pre-booked for MassMin 2024 (Sep 14-20) to ensure that all conference participants have accommodation.

Designated MassMin transfer buses will regularly shuttle between all hotels and the conference venue.

Please note that you have to book accommodation and activities at the same time. You pay at once by credit/debit card.

Available hotels and accommodation

Scandic – Stadshustorget 1, Located in central Kiruna
Camp Ripan
 – Campingvägen 5, about 4 kilometres from the city centre
Hotell Arctic Eden
 – Föraregatan 18, about 4 kilometres from the city centre
Hotell E-10
 – Lastvägen 10, about 2 kilometres from the city centre
STF Malmfältens Folkhögskola
 – Campingvägen 3, about 4 kilometres from the city centre
Icehotel Jukkasjärvi
 – Marknadsvägen 63, about 30 kilometers from the city center

If you want to make your own reservations for other accommodation, you can find alternatives at the Swedish Touristassociation and AirBnb.

Restaurants Looking for something to eat? Here are some options in Kiruna.

Restaurants in the City Center:
Mommas, Scandic: buffet available during conference on certain days
Spill Eatery: Neapolitan pizza, meat, and fish dishes
Fast Food:
Sukmas: Thai food, sandwiches, and sushi
Annis Grill: hamburgers and street food
Kebab House: kebab, pizza, and hamburgers
LaGuna: pizza and pasta
Sushi Take Away: sushi and Thai cuisine
Espresso House: coffee, sandwiches, and pastries
Café Oscar: sandwiches, pastries, and hamburgers

Outside the City Center:
Fine Dining:
Ripan: Swedish, Sami, and Tornedalian Finnish fusion
Fast Food:
Pub Eden: pizza and meat/fish dishes
Arctic Eden: Thai food and hamburgers

Close to Hotel E10:
Burger King: hamburgers
Frasses: hamburgers
Café Oscar at Österleden: fika, pastries and sandwiches

Terms and conditions Payment
When you register with a credit card.

Hotel rooms can be cancelled. If you cancel your room before or on the last day of cancellation, your payment will be refunded minus a cancellation fee of SEK 500 excluding 25 % VAT. If cancellation is made after the date presented below, no refund or deduction will be possible. Last day of cancellation: August 14, 2024.

To cancel your registration, please send a written request to

Force majeure
In the event of Massmin 2024 being cancelled due to conditions beyond our control, such as fire, natural disaster, labor conflict, terrorist attack or government decisions, accommodation costs are only refundable up until the last day of cancellation (see date above).