150 papers from 18 countries

We are happy to annonunce that over 150 full paper submissions has been handed in from all over the world.

Our registered authors come from these 18 countries: Australia, Chile, Sweden, Canada, USA, Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, China, Mongolia, Botswana, Finland, Ghana, Kazachstan, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Main topics covered: 

  • New mass mining methods, mine development, planning and design
  • Safe mining – mine seismicity, subsidence, safety and applied geomechanics in mining
  • Automation, electrification, battery electric vehicles and equipment selection
  • Case studies and new mass mining projects; from stopping to supercaves

Important dates

The following dates will help you take your accepted abstract through to final paper stage.

2023-12-01: Abstract submission deadline
2023-12-15: Notification of acceptance
2024-03-14: Full paper submission

2024-04-30: Reviewed paper deadline
2024-05-31: Final paper submission
2024-09-17: Conference starts

MassMin 2024 proceedings editors


Gregory Poelzer
Associate Senior Lecturer at Luleå University of Technology

Gregory Poelzer is an Associate Senior Lecturer at Luleå University of Technology. His research focuses on legitimacy, particularly the procedural and value factors that affect trust in government. His work includes comparative analysis at the international, national, and local levels – looking at the relationship between government, industry, and society in the governance of natural resources. He also specializes in sustainability and climate change in the Arctic, comparing different northern communities and regions on issues related to the energy transition.

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Eugenia Segerstedt
Associate Senior Lecturer

Urban transformation and license to operate (free of charge)

Aurora kultur och kongress

This session is free of charge and hosted by LKAB in close collaboration with Luleå University of Technology.

Moving two communities. This is a reality and challenge LKAB is facing. Around 5.000 homes and 700.000m² of housing and business premises will be replaced. 10.000 people – roughly a quarter of Malmfälten’s population – will need to be relocated. All in a relatively short period of time.

Kiruna and Malmberget are homes to the two largest underground iron ore mines in the world. The mines are encroaching on the settlements and the communities due to mining at greater depths. Existence for people living around the mines will be drastically affected.

The magnitude and time aspect are unique

The urban transformation of the communities is a large and complex process. Never before has such advanced and modern communities undergone such transformations due to an industrial need for land. The mines and communities are mutually dependent on each other, therefore the process of relocating people needs to be handled respectfully. Even though there’s local acceptance for the urban transformation – all change is stressful in practice, whether it is positive or negative.

Mine and society — side by side

LKAB provides approximately 17.000 jobs through direct and indirect job opportunities, locally and regionally. LKAB is an important contributor to the economic development of the region as well as for Sweden. So, if LKAB is to continue to provide jobs, pay taxes and be an active part of the local communities, habitants in Kiruna and Malmberget have to be relocated in order for our common future – for mining beyond 2060.

How is this possible? And how is it conducted?

Welcome to an exciting session and a walking tour of the new city center in Kiruna.

This session is hosted by LKAB in close collaboration with Luleå University of Technology and is free of charge. Reserve your seat today since there is a limited number of places available.

Eugenia Segerstedt

Eugenia Segerstedt, PhD

Associate Senior Lecturer in Human Work Sciences, Luleå University of Technology

Eugenia is a sociologist researching places in transition from citizen perspective, as well as work environment. Her PhD thesis “Small Town, Big Move” covered citizen perspective on the transformation of Kiruna and Gällivare, picturing residential preferences and understandings based on surveys, interviews, living labs and GIS visualisations. She participated in a recent project “Visions in the North” contributing her sociological perspective to the vision of new Kiruna.

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