About MassMin 2024

At MassMin, we unite global experts to tackle the industry's most pressing sustainability challenges. Held once every four years, MassMin promises insightful discussions, groundbreaking insights, and networking opportunities. Don't miss your chance to be part of this vital conversation at MassMin 2024.

Join us for the 9th international conference and exhibition on mass mining as we convene in northern Sweden, specifically in the captivating town of Kiruna.

See you in Kiruna!

Located north of the Arctic Circle, Kiruna resides within Swedish Lapland, an enormous area covering about a quarter of Sweden. Its unique blend of natural wonders, cultural heritage and industrial innovation makes it a destination unlike any other.

Home to the world’s largest underground iron ore mine, Kiruna is the heart of Sweden's mining industry and at the forefront of an innovative green transition. Here, sustainability and progress go hand in hand, driving forward the industries of the future.

The city of Kiruna, which grew around the iron mine, is now in the midst of a remarkable urban transformation. It’s perhaps the only place in the world where you'll commonly see morning traffic delayed by moving houses. The reason being that the entire city of Kiruna is relocating. Its new city centre opened in 2022.

Whether you're drawn by Kiruna's breathtaking nature, its intriguing history, or its innovative spirit, we invite you to experience the magic of this unique city during your time at MassMin 2024. Welcome!

Learn more at KirunaLapland.se.